Something For The New Year “Peace Of Mind”

The holidays as wonderful as the were are now in our past.

Monday markets the start of the New Work Year and it is back to business as usual.

As we all know our communications wether, by phone, email,Txt, video or other electronic means have a way of being observed, listen into or read. Most of us have nothing to worry about as we are not doing anything that critical to be looked at. I am sure my wife’s purchase of new shoes on Zeppo’s is in that category.

But as a business when we look into a new location, the landlord wants to see three years of tax returns. Today we would send them via email, which is at best effective but also very risky as we have critical information there as well as our social security numbers. Since we now know that basically any email can be opened and read as well as any attachments by governments or hackers the since of private communication is of concern.

Well there is a new start up here in Silicon Valley call Perzo to solve the problem. Prezo provides end to end encryption of your email and documents and is uniquely created for each email, and they keep no record of the encryption key so even if a government asked they would not be able to help.

The really good news is this is free to individuals. LINK

I recomend you check it out, it is not meant to be used for every email you send just the ones which have private information you do not want floating around the internet.

Happy New Year and Be Safe

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